The price index of ordinary ethanol today was 7115.25, unchanged from yesterday.

Today, the domestic ethanol market price has been adjusted. Affected by the rising price of raw materials, the ethanol quotation of some manufacturers has increased. However, the purchase enthusiasm of the downstream market is poor therefore there is just a little market turnover. Specifically, the quotation of ethanol market in Northeast China is relatively stable. The quotation of Jilin ordinary ethanol market is 7100-7150 yuan / ton, which is unchanged compared with yesterday. The quotation of high concentration ethanol is 8000-8200 yuan / ton. The high price is stable, and there is a little following-up new orders in the field. The quotation of Heilongjiang ordinary ethanol was 7000-7200 yuan / ton, which was stable compared with yesterday. The market price of ethanol in Central China has also been adjusted. The ex factory price of premium ethanol including tax is 7300 yuan / ton, which is the same as yesterday. The ex factory price of anhydrous ethanol is 8150 yuan / ton, and there is a large demand from downstream buyers.The market price of ethanol in South China has gradually stabilized with the developing trend of the market. Today, the price of ordinary ethanol in Dongguan is 7750-8000 yuan / ton, which remains the same as yesterday, and the demand of downstream buyers is general; Guangxi cassava, high concentration ethanol quotation stabilized around 8350-8450 yuan / ton; The 95% quotation of Guangdong cassava is around 7700-7750 yuan / ton, with stable low price and few overall supply in the field.There is little change in the market price of ethanol in East China. The quotation of Anhui general grade ethanol is around 7550-7600 yuan / ton, because of the high price and poor sales, so the market transaction is not very good. The quotation of high concentration ethanol is 8300 yuan / ton, down 50-100 yuan / ton from yesterday, and there is a little market transaction.

The price of raw corn fluctuates, the price of cassava continues to rise, the cost of ethanol manufacturers in the field is high, and some enterprises do not have much inventory, so ethanol manufacturers still want to increase the price.The markets in some regions are still affected by the epidemic. The machines and devices of some manufacturers are backward, the market supply is insufficient and has not been significantly improved. In the later stage, we need to pay attention to the improvement of the equipment and devices of manufacturers in the market; At present, the price of raw materials remains high, and the quotation remains high in the early stage. However, the new orders in the downstream market are limited, and the short-term ethanol market price range is expected to fluctuate.