Analysis of carbon black market

Today the price of carbon black market in domestic is operating unduly;in terms of cost: The market price of raw coal tar hit the bottom and then show a go up trend , so the support to carbon black market cost has increased, but However, downstream deep processing and carbon black enterprises are still facing losses. It is expected that the market price of coal tar will not increase significantly in the short term;in terms of supply, At present, there is no obvious fluctuation in the operating load of carbon black enterprises. Most enterprises maintain stable operation and sufficient market supply. Downstream: at present, the downstream end tire enterprises of carbon black have strong resistance to the current carbon black price, the demand of downstream tire enterprises iis general, and there's a little new orders.

Analysis of carbon black index

According to the data from TUDUODUO, the carbon black price index on 16,June is 9630.5, same as yesterday.

Forcast for the future trend of carbon black

In the short term, Raw material high temperature coal tar prices rose slightly,but just a slight increase,and the cost pressure of carbon black industry has also been ascended,Downstream tire enterprises have strong resistance to the high carbon black price. Some carbon black enterprises have put pressure on the finished product inventory. Most of them are on the sidelines. It is expected that the carbon black price will remain stable in the short term. In the later stage, it is also necessary to pay attention to the start-up of enterprises and the downstream market dynamics.