Titanium dioxide is a basic chemical raw material, in which titanium has an important application in industry. Titanium dioxide is a white pigment with the best performance in industrial products such as coatings and plastics.Titanium dioxide in China is mostly imported, and there are many inferior titanium dioxide. so do you know how to distinguish it ?

organic chemical product, the main component is titanium dioxide. There are many production processes for titanium dioxide, but at present, sulfuric acid process and chlorination process are mainly used.

Sulfuric acid is one of the important raw materials for the production of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method. The iron titanium powder is acidolysed with concentrated sulfuric acid to produce titanium oxysulfate, which is then hydrolyzed to produce metatitanic acid, and then calcined and crushed to produce titanium dioxide.

The chlorination process is to produce titanium tetrachloride from rutile or high titanium slag by chlorination, and then by high temperature oxidation.

In coatings, plastics, paper, ink and other industries, anatase titanium dioxide is generally used. It is an excellent white powder pigment with good light scattering ability, so it has good whiteness, strong covering power, high chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless and no stimulation to human body.

Rutile titanium dioxide is commonly used in building coatings, industrial paints, anticorrosive paints, powder coatings and other industries. It adopts advanced color and particle size control, zirconium silicon aluminum phosphorus multi-component inorganic coating and new organic treatment technology to develop a new generation of high-grade universal titanium dioxide.

There are two common composite products (subtitles with false words). One is to use anatase titanium dioxide as rutile or mix some anatase titanium dioxide into rutile; Second, calcium carbonate, lithopone, barium sulfate and other fillers are mixed into rutile or anatase titanium dioxide.

Simple hand touch can be used to identify composite titanium dioxide. The texture of inferior composite titanium dioxide is smooth, while the real titanium dioxide is astringent and granular; Wash the titanium dioxide on your hands with water, and the inferior ones are easy to be washed away; Or put titanium dioxide into clean water. What floats is real and what precipitates is inferior. Titanium dioxide mixed with calcium carbonate has bubbles and makes lime turbid after adding dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid; Titanium dioxide mixed with lithopone will produce the smell of rotten eggs. It is difficult to distinguish titanium dioxide from rutile by ordinary chemical methods, and only X-ray diffraction can be used to identify it.