Carbon black market analysis

Today, the domestic carbon black market prices are sorted out and operated; In terms of cost, the raw coal tar market is on the sidelines, the carbon black market demand is general, and the deep processing and carbon black enterprises are facing a loss situation. In the short term, the coal tar market price is temporarily stable, with great upward pressure; In terms of supply: most carbon black enterprises have started to operate stably. In addition, some shutdown and overhaul enterprises in Shandong have resumed production. The start of carbon black industry may be improved, and the carbon black supply in the follow-up market may increase. Downstream: at present, the overall operation of downstream tire enterprises is low, the demand for carbon black in the terminal tire market is weak, and the market transaction atmosphere is cold.

Carbon black index analysis

According to the data from tuduoduo, the carbon black price index is9630.5 on 21,June. same as yesterday.

Carbon black market forecast

In the short term, the raw coal tar market is operating stably for the time being, the price rise trend is not large, the cost pressure of carbon black industry still exists, in addition, the current domestic carbon black market demand is not much, and the demand of downstream tire enterprises continues to be poor. Most enterprises mainly purchase on demand, and there are few new orders. On the whole, there is no positive impact on the market. It is expected that the carbon black market will operate stably in the short term. In the later stage, attention should be paid to the start-up of enterprises and the dynamics of downstream markets.